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Why Law Firms Choose Us

We often work with attorneys that specialize in Wills, Trusts, and Estate planning. We take the tedious management work out of your office so that your secretary’s, assistants, and paralegals could focus on YOUR needs, and we focus on the everyday tasks of managing real estate.

We manage properties for court appointed receivers, (New York State Part 36, the list the court uses for attorneys to appoint managing agents), for properties that are in default of their mortgages, or in receivership

If you are an attorney, you can request us to manage your property on the New York State Unified Court system upon the judge agreeing to the receivership.

Our fiduciary ID number is 646434

“Our fee is paid from the Estate, not your law firm”

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At G. Resnick Realty, we understand that times are changing. We work hard to deliver our customers the most efficient experience when it comes to the management of their investment.

Rent Collection

All rent and fees are deposited directly from tenant to owners bank account and can be viewed online through our owner's portal.

Management of Tenant Relationships

We manage all tenant relations, which can be viewed by owners through our owners portal. No need to receive unwanted phone calls and emails, we've got you covered!

24/7 Emergency Protection

We're 24/7! Sit back and relax, knowing that we have your property covered 24/7 for any and all issues that may arise.

Financial/Accounting/Document Management

Track all accounting information, finances, and documentation on your property through our owners portal.

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